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17 Nov 2010

अरुंधती राय ने विवादास्पद बयान कश्मीर के बारेंमें दे डाला और तहलका डाट काम जैसी पत्रिका की 
नामी गिरामी लेखिका शोमा चौधरी ने उनके बयान पर एकलेख भीलिख डाला पर जब मैने अपनी प्रतिक्रिया 
भेजी तो तहलका ने नही छापा । मैने अपने ब्लाग के माध्यम से आप तक अपनी बात रखने को  सोचा । इस के साथ वह लिंक भी है जहां शोमा का लेख छपा है। एक और महान व्यक्तित्व हैं संदीप पांडे उन्होने तो चौथी दुनिया में अयोध्या फ़ैसले पर जो लिखा वह लेख पढकर यह नही समझ आया की पांडे जी जज बनना चाहते हैं या उस विवाद को जिंदा रखना । उनके लेख के बारे में भी मैने टिप्पणी लिखी है । आपकी प्रतिक्रिया का मुझे ईन्तजार रहेगा http://www.tehelka.com/story_main47.asp?filename=Ne061110Coverstory.asp ( शोमा के लेख का लिंक )

                  The Shape of the Beast
Shoma , is there any classification of intelligence in the form of middle , upper, high – middle  etc.?  all such are economic division of society ,   unrelated with wit and intelligence  of a person.  Such classification somewhere disallowed someone an equal platform and also bar participation in debate.  Many illiterates are having broader view and space than that of so called upper class or elite. For god sake, rise above such prejudice.  Don’t classified intelligentsia.  In recent period, a new fashion is developed. Prominent personas are poking their nose in every matter. I read one article of Mr. Sandeep Pandey, magsaysay award winner , in a hindi  weekly Chauthi Duniya, discarding finding of  Lucknow bench of Allahabada  High court in ayodhya dispute. . He questioned the jurisdiction of court and disapproved the judgment, passed in the case,   on flimsy ground of order being based   on faith. Similarly Arundhati Passed remarks about the status and merger   of Kashmir in India. First and foremost, I would like to discuss the constitutional status of j&K . Our ruler English passed a bill to free all kingdom, states and jamindar of India with freedom to decide merger either  with   India or Pakistan or to remain independent. King of Kashmir Hari singh first tried to enjoy sovereign status but when Pakistan intruded, he signed merger pact with India. No sheikh abdullah, farooque Abdullah  or any one was having right to decide fate of J&K. blunder of Nehru to allowing  interference  of UNO under a wrong provision of UNO caused problem which is continue . Huriyat merely represent Muslim community. J&K may be a Muslim dominated state like Uttrakhand is Hindu dominated but apart from muslim, Hindu, sikh  and budhist are in large number there.. Arundhati  did not take  pain to go in depth of  history. I am not detractor but certainly Arundhati is   dilettante.   Though she is not one rather whole new generation, foreign award winners are enjoying popularity, earning good buck by way of being in controversy. Whether Sandeep Pandey, in the matter of Ayodhya verdict or Arundhati, all these self esteemed elite intelligentsia   are inserting their foot   in other’s shoe.  They are suffering from superiority complex.  Writing one or two book in English makes them star overnight. Arundhati too is not an exception. Kashmir is Muslim dominated that is why no Indian Government   took step to tackle with separatist forces, like Huriyat.  If similar demand would have been made by any Hindu organization in a hindu state, would have been declared anti-national and separatist. Naxal movement is wider and logical but banned.  These two different and contrary approaches are  basic reason for unrest in Kashmir. Government must clear its stand and take strict measure to ban huriyat and book its leader.  So far controversy raised by Arundhati is concerned; she is simply a person having hunger for fame. Sometimes she raised voices for good cause and genuine one  , Narmada Dam or comments in court room regarding judicial system are praise worthy but ingredients of fame hood was there too. Unfortunately we live in a country where knowledge of English gives you an advantage. Making voices about atrocities of paramilitary forces is right and justified but that is not confined to Kashmir only rather its density is more severe in Naxal belt. They are picked up, illegally detained, tortured and killed. Their body is found at some isolated place and unfortunately blame is labeled on them too. I know Arundhati echoed Naxals Cause too but that was one sided again. There is sharp division in naxal movement on caste and region line.   I think fame hood comes with responsibility. Single word of person like Arundhati spark many controversies, she should take care of  it. It is not necessary to manifest your view in the matter, you are not well acquainted.

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