Spineless PM Manmohan singh

2 Jan 2011

Mr. Prime Minister please be honest. Now you are befooling people. You know constitution and function of PAC. This 15 members PAC is having proportional representative of political parties in accordance with their strength in parliament. Members consist from both the houses. PAC is headed by one of the MP of opposition. PAC even cannot call for Minister and basically its function is confined to the verification of CAG reports. PAC decides the matter on majority system and being proportionally represented mean dominated by ruling alliance. Virtually your this new proposal is nothing but to keep your annoyed ally DMK happy and to bury the 2G scam forever.  You have stated, not to hide anything from people. Why you are shying to form JPPC ( Joint pubic –parliamentarian Committee)  , consisting peoples of various stream such as Doctors, Writers, Journalist, Engineers, Agriculturist, NGOs,  and members of other walk of life. That JPPC should assigned job to monitor investigation of CBI. People have lost faith in judiciary too. In this 2G scam, Apex court directed to include period of NDA in investigation. Advocate of Mr. Raja very tactfully diverted attention of apex court , from corrupt practice of Raja to legality of First come first serve policy. It was argued that the policy of first come first serve was in practice even in NDA rule. Apex court, though not fully convinced but issued the direction to include NDA rule in investigation. In 2G scam, legality or quality of first come first serve policy is not an issue rather I appreciate first come first serve policy as it is in interest of people and that was the stand taken by Raja too .the wrong doing or corruption that took place in disguise of this policy is an issue. Unfortunately deviation of apex court may shift the focus from corruption to legality of policy. We have witnessed the same in Gas dispute. In gas dispute, issue was demerger of Reliance and Family agreement that was made to complete demerger. Under the said agreement, it was a clause to give privilege to RNRL in terms of rate of Crude oil. High court was very much justified in taken a note of the said family agreement but the same was discarded by the bench of apex court, headed by then CJI Mr. KGB.  A strange issue was raised there, that was that of exclusive right on natural resources. GOI interfered as third party in a dispute between two business houses on emotional and flimsy ground of Exclusive right of Government over Natural resources. The game behind curtain started in Gas dispute. Everybody knows, Government has exclusive right over natural resources, even in some type of trade too, exclusive right is vested with Government in the larger interest of people and that is why one cannot claim to enter into those trade on the ground of fundamental right to trade and commerce. One such trade is selling of intoxicating materials, such as wine. Government parts its exclusive right by way of auctioning the wine shops. In Gas dispute Government has already parted exclusive privilege in favor of Reliance to explore and sale the crude, prior to demerger. GOI was not having locus standi  to be a party in Gas dispute. Apex court not only allowed rather passed the judgment in favor of Mukesh led Reliance. Family agreement was not taken into consideration which was the base of demerger. It was extremely shocking and awful judgment. Whole issue was shifted from fixing of price on the basic of family agreement, to the right of Government over Natural resources. Here, I would prefer to state a basic concept of justice delivering system. Every court should avoid to pass an order which may create a third party interest out of order and should also avoid to deliver such judgment that may lead further litigation. Discarding family agreement mean nullifying demerger of Reliance, though it was not raised by RNRL . Second , it is still a mystery , for what benefit, GOI interfered in the dispute and what was outcome benefitting the Government. Role of Mr. KGB, retired CJI is need to be scrutinized. He was rewarded soon after retirement, being appointed head of Human right Commission.  In gas dispute, Reliance led by Mukesh, Government of India and Bench of Apex court was very much in consonance. GOI was arguing what was in the interest of Mukesh, CJI KGB was considering and shifting  the issue from clauses of family agreement to the control over natural resources that was also in favor of Mukesh. One thing , I am very much clear , the shifting of issue was not in ignorance rather was well planned. Retired CJI Mr. KGB did it deliberately. I have gone through many of his judgment hence his quality cannot be challenged. Similarly in 2G scam, advocate of Mr. raja very cleverly diverted the focus of issue from corruption behind allotment of spectrum to the policy of first come first serve.  Apex court did what was in the interest of Man mohan Government and now legality of policy has been included in investigation. Today, another crisis manager of Congress Mr. Pranab Mukherjee Finance Minister has placed an argument that the first come first serve policy was introduced in NDA regime. Virtually I have lost my patience now. I tolerate mistakes, even blunder but cannot tolerate the act of befooling people so now I have decided to use the fittest language for these bastards. Man Mohan singh is eunuch, spineless and puppet.  Pranab mukherjee is idiot and deserve to be slapped publically.

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